Two-layer irrigation tapes with white internal layer

Purification of water

The ability to eliminate the possible flavor and smell in water

Prevention of microbe and microorganisms' aggregation

Decreasing the possibility of obstruction of apertures

The properties of hydrophilicity and self-cleaning

Appropriate for the areas with shallow water due to the existence of more microbes in water

The distance of the units with droplet: 20 centimeters

Thickness: 175 Micron

Nominal diameter: 3.16

Water yield in each droplet (in liters per hour): 5/1liters/hour; pressure: 0.6bar

Water yield in each droplet (in liters per hour): 3liters/hour; pressure: 1.5bar

The duration of use: one agricultural season

Operation: non-self-regulating

The range of working pressure: 5/1-6/0bar

The kind of use: irrigation

Nominal current and pressure in the pipe with a droplet: 5/2liters per hour with 1bar pressure

Length of tape in each roll: 1000meters

The color of external layer: black

The color of internal layer: white