Standard and quality control

Raw materials, manufacturing technology, human resources, machinery, constant control and Lab01managers' obligation are effective factors in quality of PE pipe. Today customers don’t admire the quality rather consider it their right and try to reach quality. Customers not only has the right to be informed about the features of the product but also has the right to get information about the characteristics of manufacturer and manufacture process and this caused creation and implementation of standards for determining qualitative model. To this purpose, standards of ISIRI 1331 and DIN 8074,DIN8075,…….were formulated for PE pipes .

The policy of managers of this industrial group for quality are as following: Technical knowledge together with honest thoughts and performance, makes the product with quality. Quality in this industrial group is customer satisfaction and confidence, increase in customers, continuation and development of company's activities, so the quality insures the company's conservation and company's conservation insures the job conservation. Quality control in this industrial group is classified into two branches: raw materials and products


Raw materials are purchased from famous PE pipe grade manufactures. Quality of raw materials should be confirmed by the manufacturer and then they are admitted into the stores. For checking technical features, the following tests are done on purchased raw materials :

1-    Determining the raw materials density



2-    Determining melt flow index (MFI)


3-    Determining carbon black percentage


4-    Oxidative-induction time (o.i.t)



The following quality control tests are made based on national standard of INSO 14427-1 ,2 and international standards on PE pipes:

1-    determining materials density

2-    determining MFI

3-    determining carbon percentage

4-    determining o.i.t

5-    Hydrostatic pressure test

6-    Test for Resistance to Short-time Hydraulic Pressure

7-    Thermal reversion test

8-    Carbon black distribution test

9-    Physical appearance and dimensions test

10-Tensile test

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